Tooth Extraction Specialist

Rick Pan, DMD

Dentist located in San Jose, CA

A tooth extraction can solve a number of dental issues. Dr. Rick Pan understands that having a tooth pulled can be stressful, and makes every effort to ensure his patients who turn to him for care remain comfortable and calm during the procedure. To learn whether a tooth extraction is the right course of action for your specific needs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pan by calling his San Jose, California office or using the simple online scheduling tool.

Tooth Extraction Q&A

When are tooth extractions necessary?

There are many reasons why your dentist or orthodontist might suggest a tooth extraction. Some of the more common include:

  • Presence of “extra” teeth (also known as hyperdontia)
  • Irreparable decay, cracks or fracture
  • Orthodontic referral to make room for movement
  • Tooth abscess (infections) such as periodontal disease — this is when the tooth’s surrounding tissue and bones become infected and start to loosen as a result
  • Removal of wisdom teeth — your third set of molars that usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25

What happens during a tooth extraction appointment?

Before your appointment, be sure to provide Dr. Pan with details of your medical and dental history, as well as a list of any and all medications or supplements.

Dr. Pan administers a local anesthetic to help you remain comfortable during the procedure. Once the area is numb, the next step involves loosening the tooth with a special dental tool called an elevator.

Once the tooth is loosened, an instrument known as forceps allows Dr. Pan to remove the tooth. The amount of pressure required to complete the procedure depends on a number of factors, including the structural integrity of the tooth and how securely it's anchored within your bone tissue.

Is a tooth extraction painful?

Dr. Pan has experience in different types of tooth extractions. He understands that you may be anxious about the procedure, and makes every effort to increase your comfort.

He explains what to expect before beginning, and checks in periodically to make sure that you are tolerating the procedure well. The anesthetic used at the beginning of the procedure eliminates any risk of pain, but you may feel a sensation of pressure as the tooth is removed.

Don't let dental anxiety prevent you from seeking necessary dental care. To learn more about Dr. Pan's approach to tooth extraction procedures, call the office or schedule an appointment online.